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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 31, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this morning the skies were clear and faithful enjoyed sunshine for this day when christians celebrate the resurrection of christ. and coming up at 8:00 on this week, cardinal timothy dolan back from rome gives his insights into the papal selection process and what direction he sees the catholic church heading under francis. don't miss this week with george stephanopolous here on abc7. developing news out of the east bay, an alameda county sheriff's deputy is recovering after being shot in oakland last night. investigators say the driver deputies pulled over wound up shooting has now died. deputies stopped the car around 9:30 last night at 33rd avenue. a passenger was arrested for drug possession. according to authorities the driver drove away dragging a deputy behind the car. they then opened fire hitting the driver several times. one deputy suffered a gunshot
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wound to his foot. the suspect fatally wounded, his name has not been released. new details on a shooting early yesterday morning in san francisco. police are searching for the person who shot and killed a college student. it happened near bryant and 24th street streets. the victim was home for spring break. he was visiting with family members. lilian kim has the latest. >> reporter: he is living a parents' worst nightmare. his son was shot and killed right in front of their apartment building in the mission district. he said he heard the gunshots and found his son lying on the ground. >> it hurts. it hurts. mom and dat hurt. >> the shooting happened just before 3:00 a.m. walking home with a friend after a night out.
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a man got out of car, asked him if he was gang and shot him several times. the neighbor saw it from a distance. >> he only went for one person. he just shot him and shot him and took off. >> friends and family are shocked. they were say jacob wasn't part of any gang and has no idea why anyone would shoot him. >> we don't know. he wasn't affiliated with gangs or anything. >> jacob was a sophomore studying xex at lewis and clark college in portland. he was also a graduate of high school in san francisco where he played sports and graduated with honors. a former teacher can came to the site of the shooting to pay his respects. he brought a basketball in his memory. in addition to being a star athlete jacob was a good person. >> he and his best friends were the ones that would stick up for the kids that were picked on.
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he was great little guy. >> at this point there is no description of the gunman or the person that drove the car but they describe it as a gray four-door sedan. lilian kim, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: a 7-year-old boy visiting an antioch home with his family is recovering after being shot. it happened yesterday on william reid drive. reporter nick smith has the details. >> stable condition, non life-threatening injuries. >> i spoke with a lieutenant of the antioch police department by phone. his department is investigating the shooting of a 7-year-old boy. >> at this point it appears this is not random. >> the 7-year-old and his family were visitors to this home. >> several shots were fired and unfortunately the 7-year-old child was the person strict by the gunfire. >> investigators believe the
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gunman took a position here and fired at the unsuspecting crowd gathered below. >> at this point it appears he was not the intended target. >> the boy was hit by a single bullet and was airlifted from this school yard to children's hospital in oakland. this is most recent spat of gun violence to strike the neighborhood. >> a memorial now stands where a 20-year-old was killed. >> police say chavez died if a hail of gunfire. police have not identified any suspects in that shooting and wouldn't say if it was gang-related. this is the second homicide this year. they are working to identify the shooters. >> police are asking anyone with information about either shooting contact the sheriff's department. >> a shooting outside a bart
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station that left a 50-year-old man dead. san leandro police say 18-year-old man was arrested for the shooting at the bay fair bart station in january. police say it appears two rival groups ran into each other and words exchanged and the shooting started. the victim was a bystander. a woman was injured. >> authorities have issued arrest warrants for two bay area men. they are looking for 49-year-old david johnson and 51-year-old scott bailey. they are believed to be the men who robbed the county superior courthouse last year. over a million dollars worth of gold, jewelry and artifacts were taken last january. the chp is investigating why a truck ran off the road crashing into the water near the mare island bridge. it happened yesterday morning on westbound highway 37 just
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outside vallejo. two men in the pickup truck were helped to shore by a man and woman who were fishing nearby. the driver was taken to the hospital with serious internal injuries. his passenger was not hurt. officers say the driver may have suffered a medical emergency while driving and the accident could have been much worse. >> thankfully it wasn't a fatal collision. as you can see it became airborne and landed in water so they could have lost conscious and drowned. >> carolyn: the truck was hauled out of the water. a pleasant hill woman in a wheelchair is safe this morning after firefighters rescued her from a burning house. that fire started around 4:30 yesterday afternoon on pleasant hill road. you can see the rising smoke there was seen for miles. crews say the fire began in the garage before flames spread to the rest of the house. red cross helped place the resident and two others in a
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temporary shelter. the white house says it is taking escalating tensions on the korean peninsula seriously. north korea says it is in a state of war against south korea. the announcement following a meeting called by kim jong un to put strategic rocket units on standby. they believe the threats are aimed to try to draw washington into talks to boosted the north korea leader's image. 7,000 of dentist's patients were mailed a letter warning them they may have been exposed of a virus due to sanitary zblns news was on the radio and it was a dentist and dirty equipment. at the end there is a name and i just went, what? >> i didn't see any evidence,
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you know, of what they are saying. he was very nice. i didn't know what i was exposed to. >> carolyn: one example is the autoclave in the office like this one. this machine sterilizes instruments and supposed to be tested monthly. authorities say it not been checked in six years. >> it's going to be a wet easter sunday. frances dinglasan is here to tell you when there might be some breaks. it's not an all day event. >> we are looking for breaks. spotty showers right now. as the wet start as we show you low clouds over the bay bridge in emeryville but i'll tell you when, where and how much you can expect throughout the day. >> carolyn: also next, why so many drivers haven't gotten the messages about the new changes on the golden gate bridge. plus, why it's going to cost you more to do shopping in parts of the
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>> carolyn: welcome back everyone. it is 6:13 on this easter sunday morning. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge where you can see it is slick down there. slow down and proceed with caution. not much traffic going on right now. in terms of the weather frances dinglasan will be along with the full weather forecast in just a bit. striking musicians from the san francisco symphony are hitting the right notes with their audience. ♪
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>> carolyn: last night an ensemble featuring strings, brass and wind sections gave a free concert on california street. the musicians have been on strike since march 13 over proposed cuts. symphony members say is financially sound and cuts wouldn't be able to keep up with the high cost of living in the bay area. >> it's the end of era, tommy's closed the doors for good last night after 27 years. clint eastwood and f cop cop were regulars in the 80s and 90s and attracted politicians. they say the changing demographics and lease issues what forced the restaurant to close.
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first weekend of the new golden gate bridge phantom tollbooth. automatic toll system started four days ago. no more human tolltakers there. transit employees did stand by to help this weekend and anticipating drivers crossing the bridge on the weekend might not be as well informed as weekdays commuters. >> this is good weekend to make a big purchase because starting tomorrow, sales tax is going up in several bay area counties. marin county going up to 8.5%. san mateo county sales tax will now be 9%. santa clara county, 8.75%. taxes are going up in several bay area cities and we have posted a complete list of the sales tax changes on our website under see it on tv. >> a chance to buzz the fuzz has
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raised $200,000 in oakland. yesterday the fund-raiser was held at children's hospital. all of the locks sheared help fight childhood cancer. they raised over $12,000 each. >> it's dr. v festive. a lot of people doing a lot of good things. we know it's very serious but at the same time we're trying to keep it upbeat and positive and we're looking forward to eliminating cancer in children. >> in all 180 people got their heads shaved. well, frances dinglasan is here. sitting in for lisa argen. you've had a morning where you've had to do a lot of computer work. >> i've been tracking the storm and trying to calculate the rain totals and whether it is coming in. i'll show you that right now. we'll show you live doppler 7-hd picking up a light spotty
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showers around the bay area. you see bands of rain heading toward the coastline right now. areas of yellow show the heavier rain and areas of darker green, as well. that was a three hour loop. here is the absolute latest. spotty showers all around the bay area. we'll zoom in a little bit. we have light rain falling just on 101, a heavier band headed towards san rafael and the bridge. light rain showers over parts of the bay as well as you make your way across the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. i did want to show you this live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. you see a break in the clouds. temperatures right now very mild upper 50s in a lot of locations. hereby is another shot from emeryville looking out towards oakland, low gray skies with light rain showers on and off throughout the day and even some thunderstorms. livermore, union city 59.
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here is what you can expect through the day. rain and showers for easter sunday. thunderstorms possible more likely during the midday hours and it is an unsettled week ahead for the beginning of april. so we have this area of low pressure, this storm headed straight towards the bay area and we'll see most of the activity continuing through tomorrow morning. forecast model shows a lot of cloud cover, sunday 7:00, light rain in green on the peninsula, on the coastline and then a break 10:00. so if you are heading out to the parade or maybe some of the easter egg hunts, you might be okay to have it outdoors. it will be damp, but it won't be raining around that time. lunchtime heavier rain moving through again into the afternoon hours. some cloud cover 6:00 in the evening and spotty showers off and on into tomorrow morning as the storm continues to move
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east. it should be clear monday midday. nicer day tomorrow. so we're talking rain totals up from tenth to three-quarters of an inch in the north and south bay. most of the rain will be heavier along the coast at this point in terms of rainfall totals. around the bay, anywhere from tenth to half an inch. highs are cooler compared to yesterday. upper 60s in san jose, 68 for you there. look for 63 in redwood city. 62 in downtown san francisco. mid-60s in lot of areas in the north bay. 66 in san rafael. look for low 60s through richmond and upper 60s if intreer your valleys. here is accu-weather seven-day forecast. have those rain boots, shower gear ready. you will likely use them but you saw when you can expect breaks. if you want to do something outdoors, lingering into tomorrow with leftover showers
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and then drying out really beautiful on tuesday and wednesday looking pretty good, as well. another storm system coming in late wednesday night bringing showers on thursday and more unsettled weather returns next weekend. we have another great weather resource for you. follow live doppler on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. plus get video forecasts and spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> carolyn: you are on that team. i appreciate you telling people when they can expect a little bit of a break there. >> that is what it is all about. we know it is coming but take advantage of the timing of it. >> carolyn: we have details of celebrity history. letters that are up important auction.
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>> carolyn: coming up at 7:00 is "good morning america" and dan harris is joining us. how are you doing? >> good morning, and happy easter to you. breaking news.
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texas law men in the crosshairs. there is a district attorney and his wife who were found shot dead inside their home overnight. this comes two months after the d.a.'s top prosecutors, top lieutenants was ambushed and murdered steps away from the courthouse in the same county. is there a connection? and it is easter sunday and new pope, a man that has rustled feathers is delivering his first easter message to a packed st. peter's square. what did he say? we'll have a live report. motherly advice with an edge. a princeton alum in an open letter to all female students, what tip did she give these young women and why is it making some people so angry. what does it looks like when you built a top flight hotel for lego fanatics. we get an exclusive first look along with the family.
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they are calling it the ultimate lego fantasy home. that is all coming up on gma on this sunday morning. hope to see you then. >> carolyn: back to pope francis i heard he is making some fashion faux pases wearing black pants under the white robes. imagine. >> i think he would say it's not a faux pas, it's less fancy in the presentation that is why he is called a people's pope. >> carolyn: we'll look forward to hearing more about that and happy easter, dan. >> thank you very much. >> carolyn: there is a new vietnam war memorial in the south bay honoring soldiers who lost their lives serving their country. yesterday the city of san jose unveiled a memorial to the 142 native sons who lost their lives in that conflict. on the 40th jerry marking a
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withdrawal of u.s. troops from southeast asia. it was dedicated to the sons of san jose was built entirely by volunteers. it's located east of hp pa vil yop. this is celebrity auction with a difference, a private collector is putting 2 roo 50 letters and manuscripts up -- 250 man ui vipts. they include one from marilyn monroe. she thinks she is going crazy. an angry letter to john lennon to linda and paul mccartney around the time the beatles split. it's expected to fetch $40,000 and $60,000. >> coming up next, the assignment 7 takes a look at the fate of the california one odor. can it survive the gun lobby? >> and easter services will soon be celebrated atop mount davidson in san francisco.
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>> carolyn: welcome back. we are starting with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. happy easter everyone. we are seeing spotty showers around the bay area but little bit of a break. some of the rainfall heavier rain expected throughout the day. heavy heavy areas through berkeley and interstate 80 and highway 24. we saw low clouds pass around the san francisco area, past the bay bridge. roads are damp this morning and you can expect heavy rain at times with the possibility of some thunderstorms. rain breaks, we're going to look for them in the morning hours and possibly into lunch. i'll show you the forecast model. right now temperatures will be in the upper 40s to low 50s and then this afternoon it will climb up to upper 60s dropping down to the low 60s with more showers through the evening. i'll show you how much rain you
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can expect in the full forecast. >> carolyn: thank you. new this morning, glide memorial church in san francisco's tenderloin is observing easter with free chicken dinners for thousands of homeless people. it begins after 7:00 and two more celebrations at 9:00 and 11:00. then a free fried chicken dinner will be served up by volunteers from 11:00 this morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. >> 650 people in california will remember this time as the time they were pardoned from governor jerry brown. one is a murderer that was paroled in 1996. most of pardons of all people convicted of people selling or possessing drugs. they have been out for more than
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ten years and has not been in trouble since. >> 38 brand-new police officers fresh out of the police academy will be on the streets of oakland starting tomorrow. the newly sworn officers will be out on patrol tomorrow morning with their field training officers. they graduated last week from oakland's first police academy in nearly five years. so far they have been meeting with community groups and also learning about court mandated reforms. the department. >> a new police academy started monday with 51 new recruits. >> tomorrow is april 1st but police say they are not fooling when they will be cracking down on drivers who use handheld cellphones. it's a month long operation supported by federal highway safety dollars. they estimate 28% of all crashes every year involve drivers using
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cellphones or texting. according to a new study, it's the adults that are more likely to be distracted than the teenagers. nearly half of all adults say they text and drive even though they know it's dangerous. >> the california condor is per ochd the edge of recovery two decades after it was nearly extinct unemployment the numbers are growing. a new threat has emerged. in this assignment 7 report, news anchor dan ashley shows us what the single largest killer of condors is. the california condor is the largest land bird in north america. an adult can weigh as much as 31 pounds. it can stand as tall as four and a half feet. thousands of these great birds once called california home but a banned pesticide ddt destroyed the eggs and the birds almost disappeared.
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>> the population all-time low is 22 birds in 1982. >> kelly is with the wildlife society for the the last 15 years they have been working to return the california condor to the wild. in 2011 the society bought 80 acres south of big sur to provide a safe home for the con on fors. the birds come from captive breeding programs at los angeles and san diego zoos. >> we ready captive bred condors that were raised in the zoos for the wild. >> it's a slow process. condors don't lay eggs until five years old and if they live to 25, they may lay only six eggs in that time. today there are nearly 70 condors living on the reserve and nearby national park. that is out of a total of 404 birds across the southwest. but the success is not without challenges. not every bird lives. >> it's hard to live any bird after spending all this time to get them established in the wild
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but especially a breeder. the because they live a long time and reproduce slowly it's hard to lose an adult. >> dan: in november. condor 318 died. the u.s. fish and wildlife department investigated. >> a bird came in with lead poisoning and ultimately died from the lead poisoning and it was .22 round in the skull. >> dan: forensic team determined he ate it. >> this was the item removed. >> microbiologist has been studying the effects of lead on the condor. >> alarmingly i found that california condors are exposed to harmful levels of lead on an annual bias. it would warrant needing hospitalization or treatment for lead poisoning. >> it's the leading cause of death of california condors. it's most often cautioned by ranchers that use lead bullets
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to kill nuisance animals who are hunters that leave animals that have been shot. in 2007 california banned hunting with lead bullets in condor's range. the wildlife society has traded non-lead bullets to get the lead out. they will hand out lower caliber bullets. the society wants to go a step further they would ban all lead and ammunition statewide. >> that is toxic to birds, that is toxic to humans. we're really concerned about that. we believe that not enough has been done. >> carolyn: that kag was dan ashley reported,. >> happening now an early morning tradition is about to get underway in san francisco. sunrise service draws a huge crowd of christians. our reporter joins us live and i would imagine that people are
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starting to arrive. >> they are. i was actually surprised in the pitch black of the morning just about 5:30, people were starting to arrive starting to traverse the woods to the cross and making their pilgrimage. a little drizzle and take a look at this beautiful cross. it was illuminated on easter eve. it's lit by 48,000 wattage. it's lit twice a year. this is 91st anniversary of this early morning tradition. the sunrise service starts at 7:00 this morning. 22 minutes away. city leaders will take part. it's a non-denominational celebration. a special bus is helping people get up here.
6:36 am
36th leave the station every 15 minutes and again people started getting here as early as 5:30 this morning for the sunrise service. it starts at 7:00 this morning. i'm told it goes about 45 minutes. not very long but long enough to enjoy the beauty of this easter morning. like i said we're getting very little drizzle out here but not stopping people. they expect about 300 people to be here for the sunrise service. >> carolyn: beautiful way to start the easter morning. technology turnaround is now underway. what is behind the business boost of a local company that is bringing dozens of manufacturing jobs back to silicon valley? >> and here is a live look live doppler 7-hd. the green shows the wet spots, the yellow there, a little heavier showers, frances heavier showers, frances dinglasan will have your [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> carolyn: san jose appears to be winning an ongoing battle with texas and other states trying to lure high-tech companies. a big reason may be a resurgence in manufacturing. news and business technology reporter david louie shows us a
6:40 am
prime example. >> electronic manufacturing jobs have been on steady decline, down 20% in the past five years but a turnaround is in the works. this is contract manufacturer for a variety of companies and based on demand from local assembly they moved to a facility three times larger. they plan to go up to 200 employees in the next two months. >> it's great to see them have this opportunity. >> samsung received $7 million in incentives from san jose to build a new headquarters building on north first street and semi conductor company is going to take over a manufacturing complex nearby. san jose economic development director says companies are sold on locate hearing. >> the biggest incentive is access to the technical work force, to the best public transportation in silicon valley region and many amenities that come from being part of a big
6:41 am
city. >> the resurgence of manufacturing won't be lost on college students studying. some may shift on software to work on advance manufacturing processes. local companies are starting to recognize they can speed up development by manufacturing here. >> each of them is making a decision on their projects. does it make sense for me for my product to be made here in silicon valley or, some people say we need local manufacturing. >> san jose is fond of saying it does it the speed of business and samsung is considering austin, texas is proof of that. >> we permitted that process in 76 days. so the city can move as any developer wants to move. >> you lost them in the dust? >> i think we did on this one. >> david points out it takes millions of dollars to expand manufacturing capacity.
6:42 am
best tronics and california has a long range future. >> a long range forecast. that would frances dinglasan territory. >> we have that and short range forecast to let you know what to expect for your easter egg hunt. gray skies and more rain to come. i'll have titles shortly. >> and stanford and cal women appear to be a collision course. they appear appeared praer to be but only one would get there.
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>> carolyn: we're talking about how it's just drizzling today and people like to be in spring colors for easter. maybe it will make the day great and even though the sky is gray. >> you have to provide your own sunshine but there are breaks in the rain and we'll try to show you where those are. take you out to live doppler and light rain and sprinkles throughout the morning hours. a little bit of a break right now as you notice. there is not green everywhere which will be part through later in the day. here at absolute latest radar returns for you. areas of darker green and yellow. heavier rain and zoom into parts of the north bay. we have rain falling over 101
6:46 am
and petaluma. highway 24 a bit wet as you make your way through orinda. expect the showers to get heavier and get breaks in the clouds there. as you look past emeryville, san francisco, 56. half moon bay, 54. temperatures have been mild in san jose. just cloudy right now. there was some rain earlier this morning and it's currently 57 in livermore and in fairfield, as well. 59 in union city. today we have the rain and showers. we know it's coming. you do wanted to be prepared for it. thunderstorms possible. the timing of thunderstorms most likely midday and then it looks like unsettled week for april. all due to an area of low pressure heading directly toward the bay area. moving inland throughout the day and then it will leave the bay area. tomorrow morning we'll see left
6:47 am
over scattered showers. is how it plays out. easter egg hunts and if you are going to be outdoors you could get away with it. then 11:00 it starts to move in. rainband coming in along the coast. parts of the north bay, san jose dry at that point but 1:00 more rain and widespread rain throughout the afternoon hours. 5:00 we get breaks in the evening. then it tapers overnight. we'll see showers lingering leftover sprinkle for tomorrow morning's commute. most of the rainfall will be fairly lighted around the central bay. it's about a tenth to half an inch in the north bay. up to the south bay, three-quarters of an inch. for today, temperatures going a little cooler compared to yesterday but fairly mild. it's not a cold system. 68 this in san jose. upper 60s and palo alto, downtown san francisco, 62. in the north bay, look for highs
6:48 am
right around the mid-50s, sonoma and napa, 65. upper 60s in interior valleys with 67 in pleasanton. here is the seven-day forecast, you saw how the rain is coming and possible thunder but we're getting breaks throughout the day. you will want to have the umbrella handy and then left over morning shower and looking dry throughout the rest of the day. beautiful tuesday and wednesday, late west wednesday night, chance of rain enters our forecast with april showers on on thursday and unsettled next week. my daughter lovers the rain and puddles she is going to enjoy easter either way. >> carolyn: let's check out sports today. last two spots in the final four are up for grabs in the ncaa tournament. michigan plays florida and duke battles louisville. the winners will join syracuse and wichita state.
6:49 am
last night, stanford and cal tried to advance on the women's side but the cardinals got shocked against georgia. colin has highlights in this morning's sports. >> the story was scripted, stanford and cal with spot spot final four. both teams needed to get their first. problem for cardinals, fourth seed georgia came to play. chiney ogwumike with the seal steal and finish here. less than two minutes to go. jasmine the offensive rebound, bulldogs lead. georgia up four when cardinals are within one. 61-59. .89 seconds left. pass intercepted and stanford bounced in the sweet 16. cal watches stanford go down.
6:50 am
jennifer brandon, 17 points, 13 boards, 26 at the half. and against lsu. cal is up by 3. they hit the deck, beat the shot clock, cal dominant in the second half. they are heading to the elite 8 for the first time? >> 73-63 is the final. >> warriors in preservation mode. a lead entering play on saturday. rockets beat the clippers, warriors hosting portland. >> josh reddick and coco crisp making the walk to oracle for this one. willard, welcome home. here is the dunk. harrison barnes i like it when he does this. asserting himself. that is how he finishes off a half. seth curry, 7 out of 12 for
6:51 am
seth. golden state's magic number has been trimmed to 5. brent burns with a nasty hit. five minutes left in the game. mark edwards and knocked into rebound and 26th birthday, happy birthday. game goes to a shootout. only goal for the sharks. a perfect three for three stopping michael right there. sharks win their fourth straight 3-2 in the shootout. >> coco crisp, he has a fan. a's and giants in spring training, rubber game but out in a hurry. brian vogelsong second three-run home run of the series. a's take the final in oakland. a's, they open the regular season tomorrow night against seattle. giants open in l.a. with the dodgers, a day game at chavez
6:52 am
ravine. >> carolyn: coming up next the biggest little parade in san francisco. we'll tell you where you
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>> carolyn: new this morning, we hope it won't rain in san francisco on the easter parade. this is how it looked along union street. it was a lot of fun for the kids. now, the 22nd annual celebration
6:55 am
on union street. it runs until 5:00. there is an easter bonnet contest at 11:15. it's 2:00 20 3:00 this afternoon. >> they need to impoverish them in plastic. >> they will get some of the breaks. we are seeing some of it now on live doppler 7-hd. areas of green show the light rain and scattered showers around the bay area right now. do expect heavier rain throughout the day. breaks in the morning, possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. showers continue into the evening and we'll see a leftover sprinkle into monday and beautiful on tuesday and wednesday. so monday does look right for the a's opener but good news and unsettled weather for the end of the week. >> carolyn: thank you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with frances dinglasan. "abc 7 news" continues at 9:00.
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"good morning america" is up next. happy easter everyone.
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good morning, america. this morning -- breaking overnight. a district attorney and his wife found shot to death in their texas home, it's the same county
6:58 am
where just two months ago, another prosecutor was ambushed and murdered in broad daylight. so, is there a connection? easter sunday at the vatican. the new pope, who has ruffled a few feathers among traditionalists, delivering his first easter message. what did he say on this holiest day on the christian calendar? motherly advice with an edge. an ivy league mom starts a viral firestorm. sending a controversial open letter to female co-eds. find your husbands now. this morning, she speaks out. building the dream. they're calling it the ultimate lego dream house. the hotel filled with 3500 lego creations. and cameron mathison brings his family for an exclusive sneak peek. and good morning, america.
6:59 am
it's easter sunday, march 31st. and some extraordinary pictures coming out of the vatican this morning, with the new pope riding through a packed st. peter's square, greeting the people and kissing babies. we'll take you live there in just a few moments. >> this is why they're calling him the people's pope. the live report from rome coming up. also, our ron claiborne is in south africa, there he is, churches across the country holding prayer vigils for former president nelson mandela who has been hospitalized with pneumonia. a short time ago, his wife arrived at the hospital for a visit and ron will have the latest on nelson mandela's condition coming up. also this morning -- we'll take you to a sort of charm school for geeks. >> i love this story. >> it's a class called manners 101, where some of the smartest college kids in the country are going to learn social skills to help them get through business receptions and dinner parties after they graduate. >> teach you to eat the little corn? >> that can be challenging. we'll take you to the school coming up in show. but we do begin with breaking news,


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